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How to upgrade CDK to latest version under 1 min

CDK is updating all the time. Which is great, the tool is expanding, gaining more features. Take a look of the timestamps in their GitHub releases page. I wonder if Matt Coulter find a single weekend to chill.

I once made a quick Proof of Concept and after two days, I updated my current installed version and my PoC simply stopped work. Good grief is all remote these days. And for new projects I always want to use the latest stable version1 in the docs – but I also get:

Upgrade recommended

And somehow I forgot again and again the command. After tried the usual suspects cdk upgrade, cdk update or cdk --upgrade, I had to research again. One. More. Time. I’m writing to help me remember.

The command to upgrade your CDK version is:

npm install -g aws-cdk@latest

Or if you are a Yarn folk:

yarn global upgrade aws-cdk

#AWSWhishlist: Your buddy Amplify CLI has a amplify upgrade 👀 … AWS CDK team, your move.


  1. In the time you started to read this post until now, potentially there’s a new CDK release, go checkout