1. Top 5 technology books I read in 2021

    My top picks for technical / technology related books

  2. SAFe™ Considered Harmful

    This framework is not Agile at all. Or safe.

  3. The material question with Google's Core Web Vitals

    The fair metrics that are three biased metrics in a trenchcoat

  4. Next.js TypeScript serverless deploy with SSR and ISR with AWS CDK

    Incremental Static Regeneration is Next.js superpower

  5. 📘 #devbooks: Sooner, Safer, Sooner, Happier: Antipatterns and Patterns for Business Agility

    As soon you start to read it, is safe to say, you'll be happy

  6. A Trillion Dollar Paradox that never was

    The largest bank in Latin America will move half of its infra to AWS Cloud

  7. We need to talk more about equality in tech

    This is water, my friend

  8. Why I made my open source React component private by default

    An Open Source story

  9. 📘 #devbooks: Effective TypeScript: 62 Specific Ways to Improve Your TypeScript

    If practical books are your type, this is for you!

  10. Redis: Exploring Redis as Serverless Database to solve idempotence in APIs

    More than cache

  11. Open letter to AWS: Please, give us a price cap

    We need psychological safety. And financial!

  12. Happy little clouds: finding my way with CDK

    Speaking on the language of the Cloud

  13. The State of Serverless Databases in AWS

    The start on a series

  14. How to host a Next.js web app with server-side rendering (SSR) in AWS Amplify


  15. My journey as an AWS Community Builder so far

    6 months in

  16. Serverless is Ready, Developers Are Not

    We are not ready. We couldn’t possibly be ready.

  17. Full Stack Cloud SSR with Next.js, Tailwind, and AWS CDK

    A spin in the workshop!

  18. 📘 #devbooks: why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby

    This books is a true gem

  19. Testing a new CDK Construct to deploy a Serverless NextJS application with CloudFront and Lambda@Edge

    With a repository for testing

  20. 📘 #devbooks: AWS Well-Architected Framework

    The AWS Constitution

  21. How to upgrade CDK to latest version under 1 min

    CDK is updating all the time. Which is great, the tool is expanding, gaining more features. How to upgrade, again?

  22. How to deploy Docusaurus with authentication using AWS Amplify

    Most of the user cases for documentation besides open source require some level of auth. Working remote, this is a simple way to deploy your documentation.

  23. AWS Amplify, SAM, CDK ... What to choose for your Infrastructure as Code on AWS?!?

    A comparision between AWS native models of Infrastructure as Code

  24. Serverless Transformation at a news media outlet in Brazil

    A little exploration about our Serverless Transformation so far

  25. The Ship of Theseus and Yarn 2

    My first open source project

  26. Faster YouTube embeds with React Lite YouTube Embed component for React

    My first open source project